Business Branding and Graphics Design

What is business branding and why is it critical to your business?

No matter what your area of ​​business, in a web-controlled world and screens – branding is a critical thing for any business!

Do you know the Shirpur (story song) “Flower I gave to the light”? So we bet Nurit was at least a pretty girl. Other? We bet she wouldn’t have gotten a flower, an apple or anything. We have some exciting news for you. The business also has an external appearance. If it’s a logo, it shows the Facebook page or any marketing tools it has. But between us? You really don’t have the power to deal with branding. Like you don’t have enough stuff on your head. (Pessst … here we go into the picture. But without spoilers, we’re almost there).

Here’s the reality: If you want to attract the attention of your customers – first of all, make sure your business looks like a million dollars.
When we say “million dollars” we mean spectacular looks. An attractive and interesting logo, a beautiful Facebook page. A website or landing page that correctly explains the business capabilities and services. All of this has to happen and using the branding and graphic language of the business.

When we talk about branding for your business – these are the things we focus on:

Shared thinking and concept building

We want to know everything. From your favorite color from childhood to the atmosphere you’re looking to broadcast, who your audience is, who your competitors are, and more.

At the beginning of our joint work, we will send you a neat riff asking you all the relevant questions – each piece of information will help us to make a visual impact that is right for your business.

Logo design and image products

The logo is the basis for branding your business. Here, “uniqueness” is the name of the game and aesthetics and conveying the right message are its rules. We will design for you a quality, unique logo and one that will fit your business like a glove.

Then, it is customary to switch on additional items that are relevant to your field of activity. For example, a lawyer would want a Puller design while a clothing store owner would want to brand shopping bags and the like.

Building branded advertising tools

So finally your business has a logo and branded products – you’re on the go!

Now all that’s left is to start with actual advertising or in other words – building advertising tools using your latest branding. For example: a landing page, a website, a Facebook page and more.