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Download RTL Fixer 1.01

Right-to-Left Fixer (RTL Fixer) is a tool that can be toggled to fix writing on right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and more.

RTL Fixer in action with Arabic:

RTL Fixer in action with Hebrew:

Important notes:

  • To enable the app (authorise it) – you’ll go through a short process in which you’ll get a special numeric code which will allow you to create a serial for that particular computer.
  • The app will be approved only on the actual device on which the app will be used upon. A serial cannot be made for a different device as special digit code is special for the specific device on which the app is loaded.
  • Each operating system is its own purchase. Meaning – if you want to use this app on both Operating Systems, you need to make two purchases.

Language and Feature Support | Current State

Current Version: 1.01

Hebrew 100%
Arabic 80%
Copy\Paste 90%

We’ll update this as we advance with the released versions.

Buying this app for Arabic or any other language that isn’t Hebrew means you agree to take part in testing the app when it’s not fully tested for that language.

Please let us know how it runs via email: