Writing Right-to-Left (Fix) with Right to Left Fixer

Right-to-Left Support – The Problem

Some software or website doesn’t let you type in Hebrew? Arabic? Other Right-to-Left Language?
You type in a RTL language but the letters are written Left-to-Right instead?
Your letters appear to be flipped when pasted?

It’s true. Even today we are still seeing many programs that have partial to no support at all for writing in languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.

In those cases, many times when you’ll start to write something it’ll come out backwards.
For example, if you wrote “HELP” you’ll get “PLEH” (Only in the Right-to-Left language letters of course).- 

Right to Left Fixer – What it can do?

This little app is NOT your typical workflow for RTL assist.
You do not need to copy the text, paste it, trasform it to whatever RTL languge you’re trying to get your text ready for, and then you copy and paste it back to that stoftware.
That’s history.

How does it work?

Very simply!
You load the app, use a shortcut key command to enable it and that’s it!
Write in your Right-to-Left language with no problems!

What software will Right to Left Fixer work with?

RTL Support can now be achieved with all three Serif’s Affinity software, both on MacOS and Windows 10.

Note: This app can definitely work globally on many other software.
If this app helps you with a different software – please let us know so we could extend our support. Email us: support@artwayz.com