In this tutorial you’ll see how the app works.

For troubleshooting and known issues – please scroll down.

Toggling RTL Fixer

To toggle the app while writing in an app – use the short key command:


  • Short key command is the same on MacOS and Windows.

If by any chance the app doesn’t respond or being toggled on or off – it can be fixed by doing 2 things:

  1. Just hover the app with your mouse cursor.
  2. You might have not toggled all the permissions needed for the app to run. Please check our Installation Guide.

You can also toggle the app manually by clicking the grey on\off button (or turn the app off by clicking it when it’s green).

Copy and Pasting

In order to Copy & Paste a text, for example – copy a Hebrew or Arabic text from Word and pasting it into Affinity Designer – you just need to make sure the app is toggled (in Green).

Then just copy and paste the text into Affinity Designer.

Video Demonstrations:

Troubleshooting and known issues:

Writing in Arabic

In some keyboard layouts there is a single key for “Lam-Alif” letters (لا).

The app does not support that key and to write a “Lam-Alif” letters you need to press “Lam” and after that “Alif” – the app will fix for a combine “Lam-Alif” letters.

Writing in Arabic on MacOS

There are some cases where letters from a word written before appearing in a new word when starting a new Artistic/Frame text. We recommend that you turn off and on the app, using the Ctr+Alt+Shift key sequence, when finishing writing in the Artistic/Frame text. 

For any questions please contact us via email: