Website Promotion – 7 Things You Must Know Before Closing Website Promotion

So you decided to start a website for your business. First of all, I want to congratulate you for making one of the smartest decisions for your business.
Today, the online presence of businesses has become their most significant connection with the world.
Without a business website and a network presence, your business will have a very hard time in the intense competition that takes place in the business world every day, if that is at all possible.

There is a reason that 80% of consumers in Israel prefer digital platforms over any other medium for making purchases, so I see more and more businesses in Israel every day looking for solutions on how to effectively communicate daily with their target audiences through the network.
Setting up a website is of course only the most initial step and it is important that we do not confuse the website building service with website promotion.
In order to expose your site to thousands of users at any one time, it is important that we choose an SEO company that will help us advertise on Google, promote our website and maximize the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing content.
In this sense, choosing a SEO company is a complex task that can have significant implications for your business exposure.

To make the decision easier, I have compiled for you some effective tips that I have accumulated in my experience working with many businesses that will help you choose an SEO company that will help you with all your needs from Google promotion to social media promotion.

  1. Various channels of action
    I believe that one of the most responsible and professional things that can be done right from the first step is to create a diverse and flexible marketing mix that will position your business on most of the fronts available to your target audiences.
    From the initial introductory stage, it is important to find out that the team that works with you has the advanced training, experience and tools to work on a wide range of platforms – search engines, ads, blogging, social media presence, organic promotion and sponsored campaigns of various types.

In my experience, the more detailed the characterization of your target audiences, the more it will be possible to build the marketing array that will capture your audiences better.

Organic Promotion
One of the tools to which I devote most of my energy is organic promotion, or SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
This is one of the most effective and important tools that should be used in order to maintain your site's ranking in Google in a stable, regular and secure manner.
By applying a variety of techniques that require a great deal of skill, your site will be designed in a way that will give it an edge over Google's search engines and together we can preserve quality content that will maintain its high ranking.

The service that accompanies you must have experience in all of these areas.

It is important that we make sure that our promotion company works with skilled and experienced writers who will provide promotional content writing services that contain well-researched keywords and produce quality, interesting and value-added content. The quality of writing directly affects how Google's algorithm promotes your site.
The user experience on the site significantly affects the SEO of Google.
Choose a website promotion company that employs UX / UI experts to help you ensure that the site hierarchy is easy to use, that the interfaces are friendly and the registration and purchase processes are fast and convenient.

Promotion on social networks
The presence of your site on social networks allows you to reach a young audience and recruit them to distribute and share your brand.
Through the use of advanced multimedia and groundbreaking marketing segmentation techniques, advertising can be targeted to social media users effectively.

Sponsored Promotion (PPC)
Since the opportunity to create promotional ads on Google Adwords, social networks and a variety of other platforms, my life has become much easier.
These ads have tremendous potential in attracting many surfers to your site and through accurate calls to action, we can motivate them towards purchase.

  1. First place in Google cannot be guaranteed
    We would not choose a fitness trainer who would promise us dice in the stomach within two days, no matter what we do, right? In the same way, it is impossible to guarantee first place in Google.
    Unprofessional companies may guarantee you SEO that will put you in first place in Google.
    In my experience, this is an impossible promise that should turn on all your red lights.
    Google bots scan the web regularly and change the search engine rankings.
    At the same time, frequently entered user data in huge quantities changes the criteria by which Google ranks the sites and therefore, despite all the efforts that an SEO company can make to stay up to date and promote your site according to the latest criteria, the promise of first place in Google is unfounded.
  2. Professional experience
    Any amateur can build you a simple website in WordPress and prepare for you some projects for promotion on Google by sponsored ads. However, in order to build a comprehensive and permanent marketing plan, you need experienced professionals who have been extensively trained in the variety of areas that make SEO and Google advertising effective.
    A marketing expert around the internet will sit down with you, get to know you in depth and help you characterize your target audiences in order to tailor your marketing channels in the best way and according to your budget.
    It is not enough to ask about the years of seniority of the company throughout the period of its general activity.

In many companies in the field of promotion and advertising on Google, the turnover of employees can be quite high, so that most of the time it employs "nylon" employees who have not yet gained significant experience.
Therefore, it is important that we find out that the employees of the company we will work with are experienced in their own right.

  1. Transparency and cooperation
    My believing self is yours and has the most comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about your business, its vision, products and services, its goals and values.
    In order to ensure that SEO in Google is effective and will maximize your investment, it is important to choose a SEO company that will take you into account at every step and involve you in the thought process along the way. A self-respecting SEO company will send you analytics reports and statistics from Google Analytics and other analytics tools to allow you to predict in real time how your promotion works and learn about the various steps the company is taking

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